Saturday, January 19, 2013

twenty twelve in review.

for the record
i thought about not doing one of these 
considering it's nearly 20 days into the new year...
but who cares, eh? 
i have to. 
you heard me.
i haaaaave to.


things i gained and things that changed:

attempted to live a more minimalistic lifestyle.
had a real amateur and cutesy lookin' yet nonetheless satisfying valentine's day.
visited california for dance with my mama and sisters (and spotted this cute couple!)
got started on my unhealthy lana obsession.
cleaned adam's room and found some sweet treasures.
found and read my new favorite book (ahem... 6 times).
had pink hair. twice.
turned twenty-three!
sold in the bijou market.
watched the annular eclipse with my family.
watched my sister graduate high school.
cut my hair really short!
was a bridesmaid in a best friend's wedding.
sent my parents off on their europe trip.
went on a date and made a video about it.
discovered and became obsessed with rubysnap.
had a life revelation through a journal entry.
went on a "staycation" at the prettiest cabin.
went to the mumford&sons concert.
bragged about the amazing people in my life.
professed my love for walks.
played wedding decorator for my friends katie + josh.
visited nyc & dc. oh... and made a video about it for our four year anniversary! 
and then i talked about change.
spent lots of time with my family.
oh... and...

i am absolutely amazed at my last year 
and it's amazing to see how absolutely different things are 
even now. 
life is so funny
and it's so apparent when you take the time to reflect.

i can't wait for what 2013 will bring! 



  1. TFIOS! six times! best year for reading, that's what 2012 was.

  2. Can 2013 bring us hanging out? I really feel like this needs to happen. Bad.


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