Thursday, February 16, 2012

this moment

i can see palm trees.
i sense the nearby ocean.
i'm wearing shorts & a loose tee.
i'm making plans filled with exploring and dancing tomorrow.

i'm in california
just loving life.

can i just take a second to mention something?
i love teaching dance,
but there is nothing like taking class.
i'm so used to standing at the front of the dance room every day,
it was so amazing to be a student.
and not to mention taking classes at the edge in LA...
seeing {and taking class with!} some of my amazing dance idols
{like seriously so starstruck}
and doing some of the most freeing movement i've done in a long time.
oh, and also a super fun combo to a whitney houston song.
that was kind of amazing.

take whatever it is that you love, whatever you do
and put some of your idols in the same room as you,
in a place where dreams come true.

that's where i'm at.
i'm bursting with inspiration and life right now.

california rocks.


  1. omgomg. i love this. i'm soooo jealous of your dancing skills and passion. i wish i was a dancer so bad. but i feel too old to start.

  2. i love your life. dancing in california with the big shots. hold up what am i even saying, YOU are one of those big shots. i hope you have some videos of those dances you're rocking because you know i want to see them. are you out there with artistic or what? because if so, why did we not get the joys of california trips and amazing classes at the edge back when i was there!? and since we're on the topic of artistic i SERIOUSLY miss those days. seriouslllllly. were you still there when we did that football game with mags? the one where we did awwwwful because it was our first ever performance in the grass but it was still SO MUCH FUN. and since i'm already running down memory lane right now let's just talk about how great jordan's dc was. yeah there was way more drama than any of us would like to admit but those were some of the best high school memories. i will never forget what it felt like to be a part of that team. i miss it all the time.

  3. This sounds so amazing, really ♥ I hope you continue to have such an amazing time.

  4. ayley i just came back to revisit your blog again. i love it.


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