Wednesday, February 15, 2012

i've got my love to keep me warm

our valentine's day was so snowy.
it made it so cozy. so nice.

i was seriously spoiled.
adam made an amazing pasta & homemade bread,
he made my favorite creme brulee from scratch {as in, scraped the vanilla beans, bought a torch, the whole shebang!},
he arranged for me to eat it with a cute little antique spoon,
he wrote me a sweet letter with little doodles,
he bought be a rose bush that i can plant when spring hits
he scheduled us to take a cooking class together in a few weeks.
i can't wait!

i made adam a butter pecan cake
and i invented the best cream cheese frosting recipe ever, if i do say so myself.
{srsly if you want the recipe, hit me up}
i wrote him up a card featuring lyrics of a song we belted in the car once,
sewed him a pillow from one of his favorite shirts that unfortunately got ruined,
and i made a giant wall sign for his room with the names of places in DC that are integral to our love story.

the whole night was just...
pure happiness.

all i can say is
thank goodness for dimmer switches, home-cooked meals, handwritten letters...
thank heavens for love!


  1. your man has some serious penmanship. and a cooking class?!?! sounds soo fun! i still can't get over how cute that sign is of all the places in DC. looks like you two had the perfect valentine's day!

  2. second ayley. his handwriting is dreamy. i can't get over this post. your valentine's way perfecccccccct!!!!!! i love you two! the a&a pillow. the sign you made him. the creme brulee? really? ahhh its all so perfect!!!!!

  3. yeah, he's got some killer penmanship. your valentine's sounds/looks so full of love. my heart smiled when i read this. i've never seen you two together but i can just tell you're perfect for each other. it's amazing. SO.MUCH.LOVE.

  4. You two are the sweetest! I absolutely love that cake, too. Hooray for love! <3 <3 <3

  5. It's all so pretty and is so sweet! The pillow and the sign are just great and the food looks absolutely amazing. What a great Valentine's Day ♥

  6. just revisiting this post because it is amazing.


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