Wednesday, December 5, 2012

i still remember that day we met in december.

december 5th was just a day to me.
i just hopped a plane to see my grandparents and to visit some friends. 
i didn't care about much in life at that time,
so when you sat next to me on the train
it was just another encounter with a stranger. 
i was just a boring girl
in a dull life.

today is no longer just a day.
i care so much about life now that you are in it.
you are no longer a stranger
and i no longer feel boring
or like my life is dull.

i love that you still remember everything i was wearing that day.
i love that you still have some of the first texts we exchanged on that old phone of yours.
i love that you still have that phone in a box under your bed...
and you have the memory card of the first pictures we took together and will not allow it to be used for any other photos.
i love that you had the courage to sit next to me
and the courage to speak to me
and the courage to call me
and the courage to call me again. and again. 
i love that you never gave up.
i love talking about our thoughts on that train ride now that it's in hindsight, 
knowing you were smitten 
and i was so obviously not. 
knowing that you called your friends and family afterwards 
and told them you just met the girl of your dreams after fifteen minutes. 
i love that you rode waaay past your stop just to walk me off the train. 

i didn't love it then.
but gosh... i just love thinking about it now.

it was just written in the stars, i guess.

no matter what happens,
this day will always, always be important to me.
it's the day i met the man who would irrevocably change who i am.
you will never know how special you are to me
but i want to spend forever showing you.

and it was extremely special being able to visit the place where we met
since that doesn't happen very often.
i am so grateful to have been there.
my heart had never been fuller.

this video is a choppy, poorly made, partial summary of our little trip and will likely mean nothing to anyone who views it besides adam & i
but it makes me so very happy. 

enjoy lots of random, meaningless, probably embarrassing clips of two people who are in love! 

happy four years, adam reid. 
i have loved every minute of it. 



  1. Too cute, Ayley! You two are the cutest couple. And could you be any prettier??

  2. Oh my gosh you two dancing is just melting my heart! So beautiful!!!!

  3. love this, love it so much! so great, looking in hindsight.

  4. awwwwwwwwe. i love your words on this post so much and i adore every moment of this video. there is so much love that i can just oh so much relate to.

  5. i fell in love with you both a little more from that video. kelli's right about the words. ayley, you always find a way to have the perfect things to say. your love is magical and good and somehow, i want to be a part of it (?).


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