Wednesday, May 30, 2012


i'm slooowly adjusting to this shortshortshort hair,
but it's really growing on me.
i've been channeling carrie mulligan, ginnifer goodwin, and a little marilyn,
and daydreaming about the time i can channel margot tenenbaum come the fall!

it's never been this short.
i must admit, i've been feeling a bit spunkier.
i'm not a "short-haired" personality,
and i love my braids and buns,
but something in the cosmos lined up and i just went for it.

blind bravery is all i can say.

instagram: @ayleyyasuko
how short would you go? any tips from those who have braved these lengths?



  1. i am loving this short hair, but really.
    i had short hair forever, but i'm just not cute enough to pull it off anymore.
    if i every got like really thin and cute i would probably chop it the heck off and bleach it, but this will never happen. haha.
    when i had short hair i definitely would braid my bangs, and did fun headbands.
    but really loving your hair, soooo cute!


  2. i've been dying to see more pics of your hair! looks soooo good ayley!

  3. Ayley my dear, I loved being bald! Short is very fun. It's spunky and lighthearted and sassy. You look great!


  4. WOW! You really pull it off!!! Super duper cute lady!!

  5. AYLEY YOU ARE SUCH A BABE. You really look great. I think I'm going short, too. AHHH SO SCARY.


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