Monday, December 24, 2012

merry christmas from my family to yours.

this time in my life is so difficult.
i have so many things going on that i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy
and it got really easy for me to be selfish.

i told my dad i didn't want Christmas. i asked him to make it go away.

this is what he sent me in response:

"I think about the families in Connecticut and their Christmas. I think about the family who went sledding the other day and lost their little boy. I think about the tsunami victims. Those who lost their children the day after Christmas. The thing they want most for Christmas is something they can't have. Their children. Their loved ones. Breaks my heart. I even feel guilty. My family has never been touched by tragedy. There are things I want in my life. We sometimes feel lonely. Our jobs eat at us. Dark clouds hang over our heads. But the things we want are trivial compared to those others. So what do we do? What can we do? Here is what those other families would want us to do: help as many people as we can and be ever so grateful for what we have. One reason we are blessed is to help others. As for celebrating christmas, those families would want us to enjoy our own families. They would want us to gather, share gifts, play games. I'm reminded of the end of saving Private Ryan. "Earn this." So I'm going to try and earn this. Be so, so grateful. God wants us to celebrate His Son's birth. Do that by giving, sharing, and being grateful."

my family was able to help more than 50 children have a better Christmas this year.
we are all together and happy
and so, so blessed.
i cherish them.
what i did to deserve being born into this family, i will never know.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.



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