Saturday, December 29, 2012

that time we beat the odds and didn't fall to our icy deaths

for his christmas gift,
we decided to plan an ice fishing trip for my dad
who is majorly outdoorsy
and who usually plans everything
especially things he doesn't necessarily like doing...

and does everything for our family.

it had been nearly ten years since i had last gone
and it was so wonderful to get out with him + my siblings + my cousin jordan,
even though the ice was very thin and it was unnerving standing on it!

i found myself wishing that i could take a picture that would capture the bitter cold out there!
well, these sort of do capture it...
mostly because i didn't know that if you let instant film develop in the freezing cold,
they look especially washed out and blurry.
will be keeping that in mind in these next few months...

spending time with my family makes me feel undeniably alive.
i love them.



  1. That's awesome. :) Sounds like a great trip to me! And I love how the photos turned out!

  2. the best kinds of gifts are the ones that can't be wrapped in a box.

  3. i put them in my bra. works like a charm.


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