Saturday, January 5, 2013


i've been thinking a lot about the new year.
firstly, 2013 sounds like some futuristic number and just those numbers alone are making me feel swallowed by the future.
secondly, i feel like i had the freshest start of them all this year
but not in the way that i would have wanted.

i can honestly say that i kept all my new year's resolutions from last year in my mind the whole year.

i went to three concerts.
i designed a piece of clothing,
created more art,
ran a race,
shot with film,
got gussied up...
and much more.

some i didn't even touch.
they were in my mind
but i changed so much that those goals fell away to make room for new ones along the way.
so much about me has changed.

just reading the posts from a year ago make me realize it.
suddenly, here i am.

my new year's resolution...
my one resolution
is to let go of certain boundaries.

let myself have a messy car.
stop beating myself up if i miss going to the gym sometimes.
share what information i want to share with who i want to share it with.
kiss when i want to.
travel when i want to.
spend money when i can.
just... be.

your life is kind of a story that people get to watch...
all the mistakes and all the good things you do.
so i want to make it a good one.

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  1. oh yeah. i dig this post. lots. i love your attitude and your whole take on things. also, i let myself have a messy car a long time ago. #freeing


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