Friday, October 19, 2012

katie + josh.

i had the wonderful pleasure of decorating my dear friend katie's wedding reception earlier in the month.
i have fond memories of sitting in her attic bedroom
and planning short films and talking life philosophies.
she's brilliant. and hilariously clever.
she's the most genuine, sweet, and poetic girl you will ever meet in this lifetime.

& now she is married!

they are a couple who love antiques, john keats, and all kinds of music.
i love all the antiques they wanted to incorporate into her reception!

also, my mama is a pro when it comes to tablescapes
and it would not have looked halfway pretty without her creative eye!

credit: Lora Grady Photography

credit: Lora Grady Photography 
credit: Lora Grady Photography

for more images,
check out their lovely photographer lora grady's blog post.
aren't those two just so unique and stunning?!

thanks so much, katie & josh!
hooray for weddings!



  1. ahhh LOVE those pictures!! stunning.

  2. I could CRY! Having you guys on board was by FAR one of the best decisions we made! xoxo

  3. how amazing are you for decorating? you have an eye, ayley, an incredible eye.


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