Saturday, November 10, 2012


i'm sure about every three blocks,
adam & i would turn to each other and say,
"we could live here. we could just move here. we could grow old here."
and then shake our heads at the silly thought.
and repeat.
who knows...

for now, we just love the thought
and will live there in spirit.

and gosh!
i wish i had taken more interesting pictures!
that's what happens when you're mesmerized:
you just forget you have a little device to capture it all!



  1. Very cute pictures! You two would fit right in.
    Also, love the (new to me) blog layout!
    Hope you are feeling better! So sad about your bug :(

  2. So many things that I love about everything having to do with you right now. Those being, your outfit in the last photo (freaking you are cool), that you were in NY (I can see you there, so easily), and the new blog layout (I love, love, love it). Good job on being a pretty human being with a beautiful life.

  3. ditto anna. except i don't understand that first sentence haha.

  4. you are so beautiful. i love nyc and your photographs. ahh.


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