Thursday, November 8, 2012

staying positive can be very difficult.

so... right after my expensive trip,
right after the hurricane,
which meant lots of missed work + school,
and my expensive laptop cord breaking,
and my dog needing to go to the vet soon,
this happened...

which is both equally devastating and painful (concussions are very common but they hurt!)
and all i can think about is the fact that the accident was completely my fault
because i looked down to grab something in my car for just a second...
and the fact that my sister and i are basically confined to laying down for days,
and the fact that my sister refuses to leave the basement
because of the awful scratches, bruises, and swelling on her face (soooooo sad!)
and the fact that my car might be totalled,
and if it isn't,
it's going to be expensive as can be to fix it.
and my citation!
and more missed work and school!
and adam's birthday coming up in 5 days!
and $$$$!

so even though i don't feel very happy right now (at all...)
i'm going to force my unwilling self to write a few positives...

  • i get to chill out and spend this down time with my sister and puppy.
  • my sweet dance studio was incredibly understanding and arranged my classes to be taken care of. 
  • i have gotten extensions on homework from understanding professors.
  • my mother has been MORE than amazing in comforting us with flowers and ice cream and hugs.
  • i now know how to file a claim with my insurance.
  • i have completed an entire season of desperate housewives and finished another book.
  • aaaand the very worst of this is just money and little injuries. ugh... i'm so ungrateful!

i do feel a little better now.
finding the positives is easier in retrospect.
i need to work on it more while it's in the present.
it helps.
because something good comes out of every situation. no matter what.



  1. Oh that's terrible! I hope your car gets fixed! any insurance Q's, send them my way. I work for Farmers.

    Take CAre!

  2. Being positive is SO HARD. My husband is always telling me that I'm so negative.
    So good for you for actually thinking of positives, cuz I rarely do when things are sucking.

  3. Ugh! I'm so sorry, Ayley! Hope you get feeling better soon. It can be so hard to stay positive but don't be too hard on yourself!

  4. i saw those pictures of your car and your baby sister's face and my heart fell. i hope you both get to feeling better soon. your constant search for the positive and good in life is inspiring. GET BETTER AYLEYGATOR!!

  5. ah so sad. hang in there. you're so good to think of the positives. i need to do that more. i wish you and your sis (and your car!) a speedy recovery.


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