Monday, November 5, 2012

be thankful.

i'm all for using social media to do something positive,
so lately i've been expressing gratitude for little things i love in my life.

and seeing as how it's november 'n all...
i plan to increase this online attitude of gratitude.

play along if you'd like!
i'd love to see the little things the world loves.

hashtags were invented to organize tweets, right?
so let's use 'em!

i'm using the hashtag #graziegram (because i just really like way italians roll their r's),
my good friend matika is using #gratitude (& her instagram feed is amazing)...

so you know...
just do your own hashtag thang, if you wish!

i look forward to (hopefully) seeing some #graziegrams!



  1. ayley! what do you use to get the writing on the pictures?!?!

  2. Wow, technology never stops surprising me! I have a friend whose first name is Yasuko, she's half-Japanese like me. I am your new follower from Rome.


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