Saturday, November 3, 2012


a tiny little sentiment we found on a stone of the brooklyn bridge.

we decided everything... everything... in life is bittersweet.

after several rescheduled flights,
and being stuck over there for four extra days (if you can call it "stuck")...

we are home!
and happy
also sad.

my butt basically had to be dragged onto that plane...

we miss it so much already
and i miss seeing adam every waking moment of the day...
and i miss street performers
and the metro
and walking everywhere 
and the people
and the buildings.
just... everything!
the east coast makes my heart sing.

now for the bright side!
plans have never been more clear
and i am so happy to be with my family and my puppy.
now i don't have to ask my family to snapchat me pictures of him every hour! those troopers.
it was really nice to get back to dance this morning. one week is a long time to be away from it!

it was so nice (soooooo nice!) to have some unexpected extra time over there
it has left us pretty behind in our normal lives.

now we have lots and lots of work and school to catch up on!!

oh, normal life! you sound so awful right now, but what would we do without you?

utah, it is both very sad and very nice to see you.
i think i'm going to pretend like you are a big city. for now.



  1. such a revelation (yet something i should have known already), that everything in life is bittersweet. there is so much truth and reality in that statement. even the happiest moments in life have a touch of bitterness; bitterness that it didn't last longer and bitterness that it's not happening continuously. i sometimes even feel a lonely sort of bitter during life's happy circumstances, bitterness that i'm not experiencing them with a boyfriend or future husband. was this comment way too bitter? i'm sorry. there is the sweet part to remember, the sweetness i will someday feel when i do meet that man, sweetness that you feel in those fleeting moments of happiness BECAUSE they don't last forever. i just love this concept, that's all.

  2. kylee, right?! this concept has hit me so hard these last few days. lemons+sugar=lemonade. i could go on for hours with examples of things that have happened in the last little while to drive this home for me. but i won't. at least not unless it is in person.

  3. I know what you mean by bittersweet. I love NYC. Every time I visit my husband has to drag me home. I love my home in a small town, but there is something about the city that I just love and part of me would love to live there. Glad you enjoyed your time there.

  4. I know that feeling. Bittersweet is what makes me feel alive.


  5. jealous that you were in DC, we both used to live there and loved it! glad you survived the storm. following you, come follow along and check out our giveaway! XO

  6. that pictureeee. i love that you found that. and also i'm happy you're back

  7. that pictureeee. i love that you found that. and also i'm happy you're back


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