Wednesday, October 31, 2012

looks like rain.

aside from some mild flooding, fallen trees (or branches, see back left in photo), and some garbage strewn about,
you wouldn't even know there had been hurricane warnings just the day before!

everyone around these parts wanted to stay indoors.
not us!

armed with an umbrella,
we made it outside to visit some thrift stores (how amazing is the buffalo exchange?!) and have a bite at 2amy's.

it was super cold and wet,
but there were hardly any crowds anywhere!
it was like having the city to ourselves.

plus, i've got my love to keep me warm, you know?

currently trying to decide on what to do for halloween since we are unexpectedly here!
i know our awesome costumes at home will miss us.

happy wednesday!


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  1. Hello, thanks for your comment on my blog, I didn't know soup makers existed either until I won it! Lol! Your outfit is so super cute, I'm now following!
    Daisy Dayz


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