Monday, October 29, 2012

hurricane sandy.

hello, from maryland!

we are staying dry and warm during the storm.

we got a little claustrophobic and bored
so we decided that having an impromptu floor picnic
with champagne ginger ale and freshly cut roses
was just about the best thing a pair o' pals can do indoors during a storm.

when i ran outside to snip them off the bush in front of adam's mama's house
it took maybe 30 seconds
and i was drenched!

it's a strange feeling, waiting for a big storm...
looking outside the windows and watching the wind and rain slowly but surely pick up,
anticipating a power outage,
stocking up on water and food knowing that you won't be able to leave the house for at least a day or two...

with our flights rescheduled now at the end of the week,
and this storm positively spooking everyone here,
we definitely aren't going anywhere any time soon.

in our attempts to fight the oncoming feelings of stir craziness,
we are going to be enjoying a lot of long talks,
tickle fights,
and, yes,
floor picnics.

hopefully it goes away! crossing our fingers.

stay safe, my friends.



  1. ahh scary! Good luck!

  2. Oh man, hope y'all stay safe and good luck!

  3. i couldn't bear to visit your blog knowing you were there during the storm. i miss it.


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