Saturday, May 19, 2012

enjoy the show


this time tomorrow i will be heading down south to check out the annular eclipse!
we've got a pack of these babies.
got this (three times) on my car-ride playlist.
and this.
this guy will be boarded and safe while we are away.
i keep wondering... am i forgetting anything?
don't you hate that feeling? i rarely end up forgetting something but that feeling never fails to elude me when getting ready for a trip, no matter how short it is.


  • packing very lightly.
  • updating and charging my ipod. 
  • looking in the mirror and getting psyched while listening to eye of the tiger.
  • making a soundtrack to accompany the actual eclipse. it's got to be wonderful.
  • tying up a few loose ends of projects so i can take a day off. (a scary thought! but it will be nice)

looking at pictures of past eclipses really makes me want to brush up on my astronomy.
i only took it for two years in high school, for pete's sake... ask me if i remember much...

hooray for mini road trips!
and an extra special wahoo for those that take us to beautiful events in nature. :)



  1. maybe you'll run into the jensens! enjoy yourself (:

  2. It should be interesting! My husband's going to take his huge telescope to a friend's house so they could watch the eclipse as well. Beautiful shot! :)

  3. How was it? I saw a total in the UK some years ago, it was astounding!
    Thanks for visiting me.

  4. We watched it today using the pinhole/shadow trick. I had no idea you could get eclipse glasses to actually watch it!! That must've been so cool!

  5. I watched it too! It was soo cool to see. thanks for stopping by my blog :) I just added myself as a follower to yours



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