Tuesday, May 22, 2012

inspired by: the artist

i've been thinking about my dear friend ashira a lot lately.
we met when i lived in dc during my internship.
i have fond memories of sitting on her couch in her eclectic little home
painting pottery and rummaging through all her art supplies.
i sure do miss her fiery spirit.

i've been feeling a need to get in touch with the stereotypical painter in me, lately.
you know,
the black-turtleneck-sporting & paint-splattered-overall-wearing, vegan, coffee-shop frequenter with a beatnik boyfriend
who'd pick me up for dates on his vespa.
i used to just adore painting. in fact, i still have the "best of show" ribbon from my glory days displayed in my room.
i wonder how difficult it would be to regain that skill...
excuse me while i call ashira ;) 

for now, mood boards & daydreams about working in a tiny studio in sanfran are getting me by.



  1. hi ayley, i love this mood board. ah, i love to paint too (watercolor is usually my choice)! and i wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog!



  2. you can do it. in the fall i am taking a ceramics class to rekindle my love for ceramics. i may have signed up for the most advanced class despite the fact that i haven't done ceramics in 2 years. if i can do it you can do it.




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