Tuesday, May 22, 2012


i'd like to take a moment to acknowledge my beautiful mother.
without her,
i wouldn't be as proficient in art history,
i wouldn't have stayed in dance,
i wouldn't know how to properly chop an onion,
or that sugar doesn't actually cancel out my addition of too-much-salt in a made-up recipe...
i wouldn't live in a beautifully decorated home,
i wouldn't know how to ski,
i would have been stuck with all those icky self-haircuts over the years,
and i wouldn't have half the little pieces of random world trivia in my head.

i love my mom so much.

(photo by justin hackworth)



  1. i love this so much. you have an awesome mama.

  2. awwwhwhh. this is soooo sweet!!! I adore that picture as well.



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