Friday, May 25, 2012

retired stage performer

i miss having bruises all over my knees, shoulders, and arms.
i miss floor-burns and taped toes.
i miss feeling terribly sore after a difficult class.
i miss the butterflies, the mistakes, the coverups, and the falls.
i miss quick costume changes.
i miss the way the stage lights would blind me, leaving me no choice but to stare at the audience.
i miss coming home and falling asleep, still in my leotard and tights.
i miss the adrenaline rush and the applause.
i miss crying on stage because i loved what i was doing so fiercely.

i miss performing so very much.
it just ain't the same as teaching.

i love where my life is leading me right now,
but i'd trade some of the experiences to be able to perform again.

consider it a new goal of mine.



  1. this is sooo gorgeous, yet sad. /: I totally get you.. I miss ballet. this is an amazing post!! do more like this I say. :)


  2. i know what you mean, but i feel like this about volleyball. i miss it.


  3. when you find somewhere to perform make an announcement please. i want to come.


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