Monday, September 17, 2012

it must be noted...

... that i think about this cinemagraph almost daily
& that i can't get domestic thoughts off the brain.

and that i decided this next photograph describes my life:

we simply must bring attention to the fact...

that adam & i have slow danced to this song (one of our very favorites)
three times in the last week
while whispering i-love-yous and you're-mines
and not seeing the other smile,
but hearing it.

we decided this is the music you listen to when you're in love
and we are.
very much.

more every day
and every day it seems unimaginable how it could increase
but then tomorrow comes
and you scoff at the silly puppy love that consumed you yesterday
because this... this is real love today.

so, we frankly ought to mention
that there are few things greater than the smell of rain,
or the dynamite electricity on the final day of school before summer
and the way the wind blows over the very tall grass in shiny waves

but those things pale in comparison
to this love.



  1. i love this post! i love it so much! you put it so beautifully.

  2. please get married. i like you two together, a lot.

  3. you are such an amazing writer. like a true poet. please keep make art like your writing, your blog, your crafts, your photos, your adam love, EVERYTHING for the rest of your life. i love it so much.

  4. I had to come back to look at this post because I like it so much. One of my favorites from you, ever.


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