Monday, January 9, 2012


so in the last 24 hours...
someone stole my paypal password
and stole ALL of my money. {so sad!}
i had to wake up to be somewhere at 6 am after only having slept for 2 hrs.
while at this event, there were some not-so-nice people who might have said my sisters and i are the most annoying people in the world. {again... so sad!}
i had to rush to get to the first day of school, got put on the spot for being late, and nearly missed a quiz.
while parked, i got a ticket.
while driving, i am notified by a motorist that my brake lights are out. again.
just after this happens, my car's check engine light comes on and it starts sputtering.
this morning, i couldn't find my favorite grey boots.
i broke a few nails after trying for weeks to grow them out and stop biting them.
a big piece of my ipod screen cracked off.
i have been nauseous all day.

i would tuck myself in
and turn on the office,
nursing myself
& giving myself the rest of the day off.

not today.
today i happily went to school,
even raising my hand and commenting on a math joke {out of character!}.
i wore one of my favorite dresses.
i kindly interacted with the not so nice people {hard, but soo worth it}.
i ate seedless grapes on a bench outside and gazed at the pretty sunlight on the snow in between classes.
i went to the library to just wander around.
completed an online discussion for an art class, using different text colors, sizes and fonts.
and when i got home,
i got to work organizing my room,
donating lots of childhood toys and trinkets to DI,
& finding lots of sweet notes from friends i have saved, checks i had forgotten about {booyah!}, an old memory card, old drawings and writings, love letters and pictures, and several other wonderful things {as evidenced by my instagram feed}.

and just like that... it's as if nothing bad had happened to me.

i believe in happiness. choosing happiness. creating happiness. 

the phrase "i wholeheartedly believe..." has a new meaning for me as it pertains to this quote.
i firmly, wholeheartedly, with every ounce of all that i am
believe in perspective and the choice to be happy.

so today,
i chose happiness.

and at this moment
as soon as my body hit this couch i'm sitting on,
i felt a sincere, fluid satisfaction inside of me
and the exhaustion is taking over.

in your life,
choose happiness.
work to find it.
even when everything is crumbling around you,
i promise a single beam of sunshine is worth the search.
document your happiness,
remember what makes you happy.
life is too pretty and the world too full to spend this life being unhappy.

xo, yasuko


  1. this is rad and inspiring, i needed it today.

  2. ayley this post could not be more perfect. i claimed today to be an awful day. nothing extremley bad happened but my mood was anything but positive. i let every little thing bother me. and here i am 8pm sitting in bed wallowing in my own unhappiness reading a wonderful blog post about finding the positive in even the seemingly worst days. i know that i chose to be grumpy today and that i could have chosen happiness instead. tomorrow will be better. i'll make sure of it. i'll choose to make it so. i also loved that you said "document your happiness" i use to write in a gratitutde journal daily. it allowed me to find the simple joys in life that each & every day brings. it helped me realize that every single day is different and has something new & wonderful to offer. it taught me that every day is full of simple blessings from god. to sum up: i think i'll write in that gratitude journal tonight & i have you to thank for the inspiration.

  3. what a great move you did- to choose happiness no matter what the circumstances around you are like!

    I truly believe it gets easier to do, as it becomes a daily practice :)

  4. Love this! Thanks for inspiring me to be positive today.

  5. you inspire me. thank you for being a constant reminder to look for the positive in my life. there are times when i honestly catch myself thinking, "what would ayley do in this situation?" you're the bees knees.

  6. Ayley! I love your blog so much. It's like my favorite these days. Go you! Way to be positive. I have been telling myself to do that more lately and some days it is much easier than others. I feel inspired by your example.

  7. you're amazing. no more words needed than that.

  8. You. You are wonderful. Positively.

  9. I just discovered I had not been getting your blog updates. Needless to say I feverishly read all the ones I missed in a big way. Also, I have been thinking these VERY THOUGHTS for a few weeks. These VERY THOUGHTS.


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