Monday, March 5, 2012


late last night/early this morn {read: 4 am}
adam called me, extremely sick
and needed some medicine
and someone to play with his hair.

i ran to the grocery store and grabbed some heavy duty decongestants,
some emergen-c,
and some garlic, echinacea & golden root supplements. {i swear by them!}
when i got there he hardly said anything
and just pulled me in to his chest.
it was sad.
we put on some himym
and i annoyingly asked him every several minutes if he was feeling any better. {nope :( }.
it wasn't long until he fell asleep.
and i wasn't really tired.

i started thinking about the concept of forever
and how it used to boggle my mind
and then i met adam
and forever seems enticing and peaceful...
i slipped out to take a drive
and wound up at the temple.
it was absolutely perfect.
i felt the urge to pray for something in particular
and a rush of peace and happiness just flooded over me.
i ended up sitting there staring at the white building for who knows how long.
suddenly i noticed it was 7:30 am...

i headed back to adam's
and slipped back beside him.
he just layed there and whimpered as he slept,
and i got to place more blankets on him
and wonder how i could care about him any more than i do,
and then i knew in my heart that it was possible,
because i'd thought this before
on summer nights when he would help a stranger with their groceries,
in the winter when he would give all his spare change to the needy,
in the spring when he'd take me hiking and hold my hand on the rough patches,
and that fall two years ago when he was humbly baptized with the smallest crowd i'd seen at a baptism, happy as can be and moved to tears that "so many people" would show up to watch him make these covenants.

it is every moment of my life that i am realizing that love grows
just when i think i've reached my peak, i notice an even higher one
love is what makes living easy
in case you didn't know this

i love adam so.


  1. this is so incredible. i love this. adam really is amazing. it makes me happy that you two found each other. its an amazing story that keeps evolving every day. i love your love for him and that he is so good to you. that is such a special thing and is SO RARE in this world you have no idea. people don't have what you two have. you need to know that.

  2. ayley. this is amazing. you moved me to tears. you touched my soul. you said everything. "love is what makes living easy." it's true. it's real. it exists. kelli's right. kelli's seen your love in action. i've only been able to read it, but i can tell you she's right.

  3. This is so wonderful. I'm so glad you are happy and that you two have found each other.

  4. Okay this made me tear up. It is such a sweet post.


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