Monday, March 5, 2012

if i may be frank... pt 2

remember this post?

well there were some magical things to be said about this.
too magical to hide in the comments section {and written on paper at my house}.

firstly please enjoy what adam had to say...

"so often the focus is on the human experience... and that's an excuse as well: "well, i'm only human", like reducing your existence to just the human experience is excusable! the love between two "humans" can only go so far. it can only touch the physical pieces... hair, makeup, clothes, kisses, etc. to me those are just the cherry on top of it all. love that transcends all of that is the only kind for me. it's harder work to move past a human love and move to love of the souls. that is what is rewarding. plus, if someone has a problem with my sweats and my love of in-n-out, they can bounce."

"...There are still so many territories that are untouched in our relationship, we are supper happy and that's all that truly matters right? I think every relationship is different and in the end if you're happy you're good"

"you can't overemphasize the importance of being your true self with your true lover. that's what makes it enriched and real... everyone's life is different and everyone does what works for them... don't let something you don't know shake your faith in something you do know. you know you love each other, and you never know what lies ahead. just love each other more and more each passing day. "

"I do think about this. Especially when now our lives are already crazy, add kids on top of that and it is going to be off the charts! Equal parts awesome and exhausting. But here is this. I believe there is a difference between being comfortable and being real. Not as in, "I'm just being realistic here" because that phrase is never followed by anything positive. But as in, you are showing each other the real you. I feel great wearing makeup and I feel great without it. I would choose to wear comfy clothes most of the time because I like being able to move, to just, be. Those are part of the real me. I feel like the more comfortable you get with each other, the more ok you are being the real you around each other. And that to me, is one of my biggest goals - to be true to myself. And Trey is the person I am my truest self with. I loooove getting dressed up and going somewhere special, going on dates, and being romantic. And that is so so important! It makes it that much sweeter when we do something extraordinary. I could write a whole separate post on how I important I feel things like that are. Being comfortable means getting creative and recognizing that you do need that spontaneity and romance in your life. I think problems arise when one or both people don't realize that they need those moments. But I will tell you this, I have been in love with Trey since I was 18 years old, and he still gives me the butterflies. And now that we are in that BFF with Benefits stage (which is TERRIFIC BTW), we get to know each other on such a more minute level. Instead of figuring out that your love thinks you look great with that certain hairstyle, you figure out that in that millisecond you saw something flicker across their face, you knew what they were thinking. Learning about each other is limitless - because we are constantly changing. So I dare any of us to say that we know absolutely all there is to know about the person we love most. Showing your real self to people - everyone sees bits and pieces of the real you - some more than others - but showing your real self is terrifying. Scrubbing the makeup off of your soul, so to speak, leaves you bare. It leaves you you. And when you can show that to someone, and show them you, and they can do the same back...I don't think there is anything more intimate, or beautiful. That is all."


  1. i highly considered copy and pasting sara's comment into a post on my blog. so i'm glad at least you did that here. i love adam's response so much. he's a wise, old soul.

  2. "scrubbing the makeup off your soul."
    oh sara, you said it all.


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