Sunday, July 1, 2012

a heyhey

friday was the day adam & i were supposed to take a trip to dc.
long story short, that didn't happen.

we were definitely feeling the blues,
so adam called me up thursday night and told me he took the day off so we could spend some time together
and do all kinds of distracting activities!

picnics and bookstores are some of our absolute favorite things in the world,
and i can honestly say i only thought about dc three times that whole day,
which is a sure sign we were pretty successful, if you ask me. :)

the day was very simple,
but i love simple.
simple makes me happy...
and real love is simple, am i right?

adam cannot be serious. cameras amplify that.
but take note of adam's amazing thrifted picnic basket.
it has adventure written all over it!

p.s. this was filmed & edited using the 8mm and imovie apps on my phone.
song is everyday by buddy holly.



  1. a] why are you so pretty?
    b] i'm obsessed with how cute your short hair is.
    c] what app/video editing program did you use?
    d] that song was perfect. so so perfect. sort of like you two are.
    e] because of this/you i resolute to make more videos.

    1. thank you! it was the 8mm app and the imovie app!

  2. i love this so much.
    i just....i just can't get over it.

  3. AHHHH i am so in love with this! YAYAYAYAYAYYAAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYYYYY for happy videos made my ayley and adam! every last part of this was just a complete and utter success. i adore this video. sorry if i creep you out but i am about to go watch this ten more times.

  4. jared says that adam has sweet kicks and dresses very well.


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