Friday, July 6, 2012

that time you called me "baby" while we were fighting and my heart melted.

dear boyfriend,  
i love how much you love bookstores. i love that when we go out you know all these random strangers because you've befriended them or helped them in some way. i love that you have some random political knowledge of foreign affairs. i love that when i say i like a shirt on you, you seem to wear it more often. i love when we are sitting in a movie and you think something is clever: you do this particular giggle, shift in your seat and look over at me to see if i am laughing, too. i love that you don't care about messing up my lipstick or getting any on you, for that matter. i love that you spend literally all of your free time with me and still say you miss me when we aren't together. 
i like you. a lot.  
                                lovelovelove ♥ ayley 
p.s. you look handsome in this picture.  



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