Thursday, July 5, 2012


something wonderful happened to me today!


i'm a little bit obsessed with rubysnap.
i'm on my way to being their biggest fan.
well, i hope i am....
consider this just another milestone in that journey!

and if you're in utah,
there are all kinds of ways to get your snap on...
you can head to their storefront,
you can find them at the saturday farmer's market,
and you can buy their cookie dough at the harmon's in city creek!

you better believe i have taken advantage of all of these on multiple occasions!
if you need a buddy to go down there with,
i'm your girl!

rubysnap 4 lyfe!



  1. you can buy them at the harmon's in city creek?!! ohhhgosh. i may just buy one every time i go, and i may try to go every day for the rest of the summer.


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