Thursday, July 5, 2012


1. pretty strawberries made by my sister, hannah.
2. being unintentionally matchy with our hats + a typically squinty faced adam.
3. flag finally laying peacefully after a windy day. 
4. not wanting to attend the fair, we purchased some amazing sorbet...
5. ...and ate it under a tree nearby and people-watched instead. 
6. sister sadie's festive ensemble. 

our independence day wasn't as festive as i would have liked.
in fact, i decided to skip the fireworks with my family entirely
to stay home with my dog who was incredibly frightened and stressed because of the loud noises.
adam had to work in the evening anyways,
and for some reason i want to spend all my time with him lately. 
maybe i like him or something... ;)

that didn't stop our july fourth, twothousandandtwelve from being a stellar day.
we just kind of celebrated freedom in unconventional ways.

no fourth of july would be complete without my family jumping over a fireworks fountain.
this year, the fireworks were set off on a floating board in the pool in front of the diving board.
but i love it.



  1. YOU JUMP OVER FIREWORKS?!?!?!!?!?!?!!

  2. second brissa's comment. YEAHHHHH for the 4th and for your cool family traditions!


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