Wednesday, August 1, 2012

it's like we were able to press pause.

i love the people in my world
and i've been spending an abundance of wonderful time with them lately.

we've been:

- spending lots of time laying on the floor
- playing lots of scrabble
- taking lots of naps
- looking at lots of diamonds and dresses
- taking advantage of the availability of fresh flowers everywhere (thank you, summer!)
- laughing embarrasingly loud and hard every night
- doing a lot of hand-holding
- running a lot of (very important) errands
- sharing a lot of daydreams and goals
- making a lot of internal changes
- aaaand loving each other as much as we possibly can

this little calm before the work&school&responsibilities of the fall sweep us away once again
has been nothing short of a beautiful and love-filled diversion from the heaviness of "real" life.

we've had conversations i never thought we'd have.
few pictures were taken.
few phone calls were answered.
plenty of "i-love-you's" were shared.

i just want to remember these people... my people... just as they are
because things are perfect.



  1. diamonds and dresses. DIAMONDS AND DRESSES.

  2. diamonds & dresses? for you? please say yes.

  3. looking at lots of diamonds and dresses



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