Tuesday, July 24, 2012


this cute little cabin is where my family & i are staying this week!
my sweet uncle and aunt were kind enough to let us stay up here for our staycation.
it's technically a "staycation" because it's basically 30 minutes from our house...
but it's so nice to get away from normalcy for a bit.
especially since life goes back to being crazy next week!

we love-a da cabins.

we luckily got to bring this guy. he's having the time of his life running wild through the woods.
purdy cute.

i do miss adam terribly... i'm trying not to think about it...
and not doing a good job.

off to explore the wilderness!


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  1. adorable dog!!!! LOVE the cabin and im extremely jealous. I wish I had a cabin somewhere we could sneak away to from time to time. I saw your comment you left on one of my posts (with all the videos) so I decided to check your blog out cause I wasnt sure who you were. I would like to add you to my list/if you wanna follow eachothers blogs.


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