Wednesday, July 18, 2012

you have exactly one life.

in light of some recent (sad, yet spectacular) news,
and in light of my doodling this in my journal last week,
and light of my watching this amazing video last night...

i am forever done with wasting time.

sometimes things aren't going to make sense,
especially to other people.
sometimes you just aren't going to have plans.
sometimes your plans are going to change.

but BY GOLLY... your life is going to be amazing.

so if you want to own a bull mastiff and live in a cottage in the woods,
or if you want to learn to play guitar and perform in a night club,
or if you want to master yoga (again, see amazing video above),
or you want to live in new york city with your new husband,
or you want to learn to dance,
or you want to be blonde,
or you want to backpack in europe...

make. it happen. 

if you want to do something in your life,
do it.
no excuses.
make it happen.

get that job you always wanted.
postpone school to spend time in europe.
finish school faster if you love where you are going.
wear that sequin dress for no reason.
dye your hair blue.
send snail mail.
learn to sing.
move to australia if you so choose!

in your life,
you will do
everything you will ever do.

so next week i'm going to ride a jet-ski.
i'm going to spend some time in the mountains,
and i'm going to look at schools outside of the state.
i'm going to talk to old friends
and i'm going to wear my diamond necklace for a casual occasion.

i don't think i will get tired of this thought:
you have exactly ONE LIFE in which to do everything you will ever do.
now is the time to do it.

it's amazing to think that even skills you learned as a child
are going to stay with you.
i want to be ninety years old,
and know how to sing, dance, play the accordion, use an SLR, reprogram a computer, fix a car, speak another language, solve a 5x5 rubik's cube, hold a handstand for 2 minutes, and have six children who are superstars.

you have one body. master it.
you have one mind. nurture it.
learn everything.
do everything.
be everything.

my. oh. my... life is beautiful.



  1. Thanks so much for this! I love it, and I needed it. Sometimes we need the reminder that we can do anything if we put our mind to it.

  2. YES!!!!!!! thanks for the reminder. you always seem to remind me to take advantage of my life. to remember to love it and live it.

    and, you have the best kind of penmanship. teach me.



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