Wednesday, September 26, 2012

if you ask me on a walk, you are my new favorite person.

i love walking.
i really do.

yesterday it rained,
and at first i thought,
"oh, no! no walk today!"
but i'm trying to turn myself into an opportunist

i believe everyone should invest in an amazing umbrella,
because i discovered
that walking in the rain
is just about the greatest thing a person can do on a stormy day.

bonus points if the umbrella is cute,
you are shooting with a new camera (film!),
and you make a few simple discoveries about your neighborhood.

i can absolutely promise you
that the moment you hear the beautiful sound of those raindrops on your umbrella
you will never spend another rainy day completely indoors.

just wear some waterproof shoes, ok?



  1. film?! cannot wait to see the photos you took!

  2. i love my film camera! and i love the rain! and i love walking! look at that...ill have to take your advice and combine all three one day.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I love your blog xx


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