Sunday, September 30, 2012

fork in the road.

have you even noticed that there are just so many choices in life?
did i hear a 'no'?
well, let me walk you through it!

there are big choices like
how much money to spend on certain things,
when to get married,
what to major in,
where to live,

then there are the silly choices
like whether to grow your hair out or keep it short,
what to wear for certain events,
which gym to join,
what to eat for dinner,

guess which choices are plaguing me the most right now?
you guessed it... the trivial ones!

when both options are viable ones,
which do you pick?

what a conflict!

like, as pictured,
we would love to live in the city
but we could also live in a trailer.

since i've been taking classes
i'm madly in love with photography even if i'm not quite talented in it.
it makes me so very happy
but i could also keep my major in social sciences and help people.

but... the real question is...
how on earth do you pick between two quilts that are meant to last you the next ten years?! 

do you ever feel like you focus on frivolous things to distract from the concrete choices you need to make?
me either...

i heard once that the best way to predict the future is to create it
and i'm feeling that weight on all of my choices in this fork in the road.

the real underlying true factual down under question to be asking here is
what will make us feel most successful?
and, more importantly,
what is our personal definition of success?

we can always change after we make decisions.
nothing is permanent.
city or suburbs?
art or service?
spring or summer?

so many choices!

but, really though...
i'm leaning toward the second quilt...



  1. lovely text and I love the photos!

  2. girl, I am the same way. the small choices are so hard! the bigger ones too, but it's a different stress.
    the second quilt is amazing. so is the first... but that second one is happy.

  3. definitely the kaleidoscope quilt! definitely. and i know exactly how you feel. you are always putting words to my feelings.

  4. I totally understand you right now, in fact, I also wrote about something similar today. I feel like I'm crushing under the weight of my life right now because of all of these types of things.
    I hope things become easier for you!

  5. as a Libra, making decisions is the hardest thing for me! PS I'm your newest follower :-)


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