Wednesday, October 3, 2012

it's my half birthday! and other things...

it's my half-birthday
which is normally not significant to me,
but since Time & i have been in a complicated relationship these days,
i want to celebrate the little things.
i think i'm going to eat, like, three donuts today.

it's officially october!
i love this month. i really do.
i think this one will be especially special.
i can feel it.

i mean,
this particular october, i will finish a total of ten dance projects. ten!
this particular october brings me not one, but two fall breaks from things.
this particular october is taking us to nyc and dc for a few exciting things! (hallelujah!)

so many things to celebrate!
so, if you catch me doing a series of likely embarrassing happy-dances,
you'll know why.


(photo of one of my students, skylar. the girl was nice enough to help me in a pinch with my photo assignment. she's awfully pretty, no?)



  1. i'm so exciteeeeeeeeed for you! wahoo! happy half birthday! mine was a few days ago but i didn't even notice!

  2. nyc AND dc? i love your life.

  3. half birthday!!!!! that picture is great! i want to see more! DC AND NYC?!?!?!?! instagram ur lyffffffffffffe.


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