Monday, September 24, 2012

sick days.

i'm sort of grateful for them

because it means i get to do silly things
like catch up on sitcoms
and unlock new levels of where's my water.

and i have a wonderful boyfriend
who wakes up to my
"oh-crap-baby-i'm-sick-i-have-to-miss-school-today-this-sucks" text messages
(at 6:30 am...)
and takes a cab to my house (yes... city boy still can't drive...)
bright and early
and suggests we watch back to the future (!)
while he plays with my hair,
pulls funny faces for me,
makes me some tea,
and then goes up to try to finish painting my room.

i probably heard "ooh, poor baby" about seventy times today.

so, thanks Old Mr. Headache and Stomachache, Jr...
there certainly are perks to having you around.



  1. himym! the new season just started! hope you feel better soon ayley.

  2. hope you get better dear ♥ being sick isn´t always so bad hihi, you get to stay home from school,you can watch TV and movies,eat yummie stuff ;)

  3. Feel better, feel better, feel better.

    my best friend told me if you say something 3x that you really mean it or something weird like that....... so.

  4. Haha this is great! I always feel a little guilty for appreciating my 'sick in bed days' but I really, really do.
    Feel better soon...but enjoy it..cause thats the best way to get through it!

  5. Back to the Future? MARRY HIM.

  6. no this is entirely and exactly how i feel about being sick. and today i am sick! and i feel this same way! ahhh i love your writing ayley!


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