Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a few things you learn when you clean your boyfriend's room

  • he has a TON of clothes
  • most of these clothes he doesn't even wear. ever. 
  • he apparently has a gameboy advance and didn't tell me!
  • he writes people's email addresses on post-it notes... and there were a lot of them....
  • he, for some reason, had 24 washcloths
  • he has kept just about every ticket, receipt, note, & memento from everything we have done together in a little box underneath his bed
  • he is a member of the NRA {yep, still waiting for an explanation for that one... doesn't own a gun!}
  • he has little things written down on pieces of paper like "loves ranunculus flowers", "needs a new case for her computer" and "wants to go to tahiti" ;)
  • in his spare time, apparently, he researches things like Descartes' Dualism and jots down various cryptic thoughts about life
  • in 2004 a girl named amanda gave him her picture and signed the back, telling him "call me :)"
  • he keeps his baptism certificate and instax shots of the day right next to his bed
  • he has a LOT of vintage ties
  • he has SO many little trinkets that people have given him when he has helped them. he has a hand-painted miniature gourd, three sketches from an old woman, a weird looking ipad thing, a bunch of certificates for free food, a few books, and dozens of thank you notes. i had no idea about any of it. 
  • he has a couple rough drafts of a letter he wrote to my mom telling her how much he admires her
  • he has a bunch of little post-it notes and business cards of places he wants to go {which are now on the to-do list :) }
  • he really likes comic books
  • he really likes manchester orchestra
  • he had some super rad sketches of flowers and trees that i've never seen before
  • he keeps hair elastics, bobby pins, and little rubber bands in his change cup on his nightstand. i'm notorious for losing my hair elastics. i always ask if i left my elastic at his house. he always says yes and runs up to his room and grabs one for me. i've realized that i've probably only left a couple at his house. there were probably ten in the cup. brand new. 
  • he had a little doodle hiding in a notebook saying "mrs. ayley reid"
this boy keeps everything. he's a major memory hoarder. he needs a little balance.. but it is kind of great because my memory isn't the best. 

i found that his bedroom describes him perfectly. 
at first glance it just looks like it's all over the place and unorganized. 
there are only a few things hanging on the wall 
and nothing that openly states "this is what i'm all about". 
but then you start going through it and you find little pieces of awesome 
and you start to sew this image of a person 
who loves to help and doesn't boast, 
who loves music and who is really good at drawing, 
who is searching into the soul and what it means to be alive, 
who loves and cares dearly about the people around him,
and who keeps important little memories and significant moments in his life close to him. 
you realize that this person is so dedicated to the people around him that he wants to fill his whole world with things that remind him of them. 

i love adam reid so much. 


  1. he loves you sooo much! That's cute. When Jared and I moved in together, we were combining our things and I found out so much about him!

  2. i love this. he is so in love with you. it's beautiful.

  3. this is so sweet. It is so obvious that he adores you.

  4. best part: "he has little things written down on pieces of paper like loves ranunculus flowers, needs a new case for her computer and wants to go to tahiti" seriously. ayley. my heart melted when i read that. i adore you two.


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