Wednesday, March 7, 2012

life in color: mint

it's everywhere lately.
and now it's here.

it started when i was cleaning my room yesterday.
i found a little stone tucked away in my bookshelf
that looked a little something like this.
i didn't think anything of it at the time,
but later i noticed that i had unconsciously placed it in my pocket.
this morning i noticed that at some point i had placed it next to my bed on my nightstand
and today i was rummaging in my purse and i found it inside near my phone.

obviously i'm unconsciously dragging this little rock with me everywhere i go.
suddenly, this color family is incredibly attractive.
i took a good look at it this evening
and tried to remember where it came from.
i have no idea.
i know at some point it came into my possession, but i can't remember where.
alls i know is,
the color needs to be in my life right now.

it's so calming and pretty,
but so energizing and fresh.
like mint leaves.

the energy this color is giving me right now is completely renewing and wonderful!

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