Saturday, February 25, 2012

cali through the eyes of an iphone

writing on the window. palm trees & blue skies.
pretty city during the day. pretty city at night.
sweaty and loving life after taking classes @ the edge.
view from the plane. california sunshine.
my pretty sisters.
the ocean. the three best friends anyone did have.
california roll in california. red lipstick & side chignon.
let the memories begin. bored in a crowded-president's-day-weekend disneyland.
so happy. pretty palm trees.
typical castle picture. walt & mickey.

instagram: ayleyyasuko


  1. You know you're outrageously good looking, right?

  2. These are beautiful! And getting me through a wintery day over here :). (Please tell me you wrote on the window with eyeliner. Tres chic.)

  3. where have i been on your blog? seriously? i love this post so much!!!!!

  4. the photos and everything. love them all.


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