Tuesday, May 29, 2012

my little graduate

this little friend of mine is graduating from high school!
i like to pretend that she's still 15 years old.
so... this is weird!
how is she this old? like, she could get, like, a real job or something? what?! my sister? say it ain't so!

but, honestly, it makes me feel pretty glad she's past all the public school stuff
so we can do the college thing together.
and also because... well... it's high school. ;)

she's kind of the coolest person you will ever meet in your entire life.
i challenge you to meet anyone cooler!

nothing like people younger than you graduating high school. sure makes you feel old!
congratulations, my little hannah!

oh! and here's an extra-special hipstery picture for good measure. enjoy, you record-spinning, urban-shopping cats!



  1. ahhhh her striped dress! i LOVE it! also, it's so weird to watch your little sister graduate. i did it last year and i still can't believe she's living in idaho working on her second semester of college. when did we reach old-kid status?

  2. INcredible photos! good job, girrly. and that sis of your be looking good.


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