Monday, January 21, 2013

dc has my heart.

i love dc.
i make it known, i know.
i love it so much.

lately i've been thinking about how much i would love to move back there.
in fact,
i did a little university research and walked a few campuses while we were there back in october.
i applied to a couple jobs.
it was the real deal.

but as i was boarding the plane to come back home,
i got this feeling that that plan won't become a reality for a long time.
it was really bumming me out for a while
because i looove that place (& it loves me back, i hope!).

but i am making peace with it
because i love utah.
i really do.
there are things i have to do before i can reclaim that piece of my heart that i buried in those lovely dc streets.

two places can have my heart at once, right?
i'd like to think so.



  1. I was right there with you 2 years ago. Wanted to be in NY so bad. And now I am here and NY still has my heart. But man, UT is great. And what I wouldn't give for some SNOW! For the love. So yeah...I think two places can have your heart.

  2. this post just describes my life so much. i just wrote a comment for this post that i'm kidnapping and posting on my blog. that now you have to scavengehunt over to my blog to see what it was. just know this post is the inspiration for it.


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