Sunday, January 27, 2013


it's all i want to do lately.
part of the reason i haven't been writing as much
is because i've been dancing
or thinking about dance
or choreographing in my head
or practicing pirouettes in my spare time
or playing my ipod and thinking about possible songs i could choreograph to
or dreaming about starting my own dance company
and figuring out where i want to be with dance in 5 years.

i love dance.
love it.
i don't talk about it much
because i'm usually just out doing it,
but it's my job. it's what i do for a living.
and it's one of the great loves of my life.

i mean,
i love it both in the
and in the
kinds of ways.

if the dance related thoughts and dreams in my head come to fruition
i will be one very happy human being.

i just can't stop dancing.
even when i'm 50 something with kids in college.
you will find me dancing.

(photo of my sweet student dasha in slc... who has legs for days!)


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