Saturday, September 1, 2012


attn: major mumford&sons geeking out ahead.

ok. so i can finally talk about this now that the dust has settled.
i couldn't even listen to them for days after going to the concert.
i didn't want to revisit the experience because it was just so...

i mean,
you think mumford&sons is amazing
and then you see them...

and you're like...
mumford&sons is the equivalent of the most beautiful sunrise you have ever seen.

it's like they are on stage just letting you share in an experience instead of performing.
i think mumford&sons music is the definition of being alive.

i don't really care how ridiculous this sounds,
but i just had some real revelations watching those beautiful people up on that stage,
with the sun setting on the salt lake just to the right of us
and the stars shining above
being with some of my favorite people in the world.
it's like the veil was lifted for a few hours
and perspective and light and love shone on all of us.
everyone... i mean everyone... felt it. (we asked)

don't get me started on the fact that they played 'after the storm' as an encore
and stated that they "hadn't played this one in a while"
but they were going to for salt lake city. (!!!)
i will share one day why this song is so special to me and my family
but for now...

i can't pick a favorite,
so i just picked one song.
this video is the closest i have found to what this song was like at the concert:
marcus's passion,
the audience participation,
ted's just pure JOY to be there.

that's what it is...
everyone involved was experiencing a pure JOY and LOVE.

now just imagine marcus yelling even louder,
ben's keyboarding and head-banging even more aggressive,
ted's smile while he plays the bass even brighter,
and the audience just jumping and yelling and crying because they just can't help it.

it's like i never want to go to any other concerts again in my lifetime.
this was THE ONE.



  1. I am so, so, so very jealous. I LOVE Mumford and Sons. I will have to see a concert of theirs when I can. By the way, nice pick on the song choice. It is my favorite one. I listen to it on repeat sometimes. :)

  2. this SONG. seeing all of them in line singing it. their beautiful harmonies. this concert was the ONE.


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