Monday, September 3, 2012

for the record...

if you've said you're looking forward to fall or winter in the last couple of weeks,
i sort of wanted to put my own hand over your mouth.

i am not looking forward to cold,
or having to put shoes on every time i step outside,
or having to scrape my windows,
or skidding in my tiny car.

this morning,
and i mean early early early this morning...
as in 3 am this morning,
adam & i took a walk to the grocery store in the warm night
and stayed up until sunrise making some spectacular ginger orange donuts.

we wore sweaters in the crisp air
and put some extra nutmeg in those babies...

i mean,
it is september.

it's kind of like autumn just won't stay away
and i can't stop it from coming.
might as well put some extra pumpkin pie spice in my tea in the mornings
and invest in a couple scarves.

i got spoiled last year with the lasting warmth,
i'm just not ready to part with green grass and flowers just yet.

if i learned anything last night,
it's that it is inevitable
and it's okay.

i don't want to let go.
i will miss you...
but autumn,
you can stay, i guess.

for now, can i have both for a while?



  1. i feel identical to you. more more more blog posts! i love to read your blog!

  2. As much as I love fall I can't help to feel a little like you and feel not quite ready to part with summer.


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