Thursday, October 20, 2011

pool day in october

today we were lucky enough to be able to trade our sweaters for bathing suits
and jump in the pool!

{the weather has been simply fabulous,
so my dear aunt and uncle warmed their pool for this weekend. 
we jumped on the opportunity!
they are some of the most generous people you will ever encounter in this life.}

what a lovely way to spend fall break.

having a pool day in october is kind of amazing.
the weather was perfect,
there were pretty leaves all over the place,
the sun was just kissing our skin instead of striking it,
and the water was oh-so warm.

with the days spent in the sun, popsicles, evening walks, fresh fruit, and bbq's that are all still alive and frequent at our house,
it is feeling so great to say goodbye to warm weather the way we greeted it!

{my suit is from napi designs. the red bow on my top is just from an old bikini bottom. i love it. both my sisters' suits are from target!}

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  1. i never saw this post! love it! and sounds amazing!


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