Tuesday, June 12, 2012


welp, things are pretty crazy 'round here since these two left for europe!
they left me in charge of their house and,
let me tell you,
i'm not ready to be a homeowner.

at least not one that has two dogs, four cats, five bedrooms, two teenagers, one angsty 22 year old, and one grandmother with alzheimers!

i can barely remember to water the plants when my grandmother is releasing my dog into the neighborhood and we have to go run and find him.
she thought we didn't have food for them and wanted them to go find a new home!
at least she didn't run away again... that wouldn't be stressful at all...

let's look at the positives...
this is mom training, right? ;)

i hardly feel responsible enough to watch an entire house when i want to call my parents every five minutes because i miss them so!
it makes me so grateful that families are forever.
i don't know what i would do without my favorite people!

also, let's get jealous because they are in paris as i am typing this!
those world travelers...

alright, now i've got to go drive my sister to work and go grocery shopping!


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