Thursday, June 7, 2012

life in color: dandelions&green


this stunning picture popped up in my pinterest feed this morning and i was postively smitten!

the bottles,
her dress,
the flowers in her hair,
the clean white...

it's really a masterpiece.

isn't it amazing how color combinations are tied so tightly to memories?

it reminds me of two very specific moments in my life:

1. the time i went to a garden shop with my mother. 
we drove for nearly an hour to find this specific spot she wanted to purchase flowers from. it was the first time i was really interested in helping with our garden, but i didn't say anything to her. the gardens were always my mom's projects. i would just silently help her remove weeds and learn which plants propagated and which didn't. while in the greenhouse, i wandered off for a moment and found these beautiful miniature yellow roses. it's one of my earliest memories of marveling at the natural world ... i remember them specifically: they were the prettiest shade of buttery yellow with electric green stems. we had a special rose garden in our backyard (my favorite place to spend pretty summer days) and i mentally imagined them in the perfect little spot. when my mother finally found me and said we could get them, i was over the moon! it was the first time i had my roses. i spent a lot of time that summer sitting next to my little piece of life in that garden, just marveling at the beauty of the earth.

2. the second to last day of third grade.
we were playing outside near the Big Tree out on the playground. we had a special little plot of dandelions on the field that we wouldn't let anyone else pick from. the energy on the playground was electric that day, and everyone was excited about the coming summer, to say the least. this caused our little group to forget about guarding our dandelion patch during a round of hands-up stands-up. as recess that day neared a close, without a word we all moved toward our little patch of yellow flowers. we spent the last moments of that recess just feeling the dandelions with our fingertips and soaking in the summer, talking about fairies and trusting that they would be the ones who would take care of our dandelions while we were gone.

this beautiful picture reminds me of

what does it remind you of?

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  1. BEAUTIFUL Ayley! You have a phenomenal memory, and I love when you share tidbits. It makes me smile.

  2. that second story is magical and EXACTLY what i pray and hope and dream my child experience during childhood.


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