Tuesday, February 21, 2012

that moment when...

... you're having a conversation with your love
about going dancing
and staying true to your old souls
and you walk past some retro swing dancing couples
complete with a live band and people in costume.
say wha?
it was meant to be.

i stood in disneyland for probably half an hour watching this sweet old couple dance.
they know exactly what they are doing!
so impressive.
so full of love.
adorable and sweet and any other synonym you can think of!
it's wonderful watching how much fun they are having.
adam and i are signing up for swing dancing lessons STAT!


  1. OHMYGOSH!!! ayley!!! i bet those are the same people i saw once! okay maybe not but the feelings you get from watching them are the same! once upon a time my family and i were in disneyland and we happened to find this exact scene before our eyes. we stood their entirely entranced and in love with the adorable couples swinigng away. i cried. yeah i cried because it was the cutest/sweetest/greatest/loveliest sight of all time. plus we were in disneyland so that made it ten times greater. that couple has mad skills. i want to be just like them someday.


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