Saturday, December 31, 2011


and just like that,
it's the last post of this year!

so crazy.

things that i gained & things that changed:

threw a wish party.
had strange allergic reactions.
had a song stuck in my head for a month straight.
had a {hard} birthday.
participated in 30 strangers.
won a cool award.
went blonde!
welcomed one of my best little buddies into my world.
lost one of my other little buddies. :(
lived in summer.
said goodbye to a dear, fictional friend.
went on a family vacation.
sold in two markets!
thoroughly enjoyed autumn.
said "welcome home!" to one of the best humans out here.
shared a personal, freaky story.
zombied out in a video.
made our first official couples friendships.
realized how wonderful my life is.
had an entirely life-changing experience.
learned a little something about service.
went on lots of little dates.
had a magical christmas season.

this year brought plenty of inspiration for me,
as i realized i have to live a life of service,
a life of creativity,
and a life of love. 

you were good to me!


  1. worst song to get stuck in your head. and the fact that i just clicked on the link to discover which song it was means it's going to be stuck in mine for at least the remainder of today. i may even wake up tomorrow singing it. when i read that you said goodbye to a dear fictional friend i knew immediately who it was and i wanted to cry a little. i still sort of hate that it's over. a harry potter movie marathon is necessary asap. ps did you know he's starring in an upcoming film called the woman in black? it's the strangest thing to see him trying to be any other character than harry. he will always & forever be harry to me.

  2. i loooooooooooove this post and we love being couples friends with you two!


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