Monday, November 14, 2011

celebrating the birth of my love

since adam's birthday fell on a sunday,
i made a weekend out of spoiling the guy.

his birthday also marked the
of his BAPTISM!
so... it was an extra special reason to celebrate!

twenty five is kind of a big year,
so i wanted to go all out!

in DC there are about twelve of these stores around where we both used to live.
they were everywhere.

i remember one evening,
we decided we were going to head out to chinatown & e street to see a movie, have some amazing dinner, and go to my favorite gelato place in the whole world. {that just made me miss DC soooo much!}

we both felt like we had nothing to wear,
so we stopped at h&m to check it out.
we picked up a pair of red pants {which are now his favorite},
and a black&white polka dot dress {which is now my favorite}.
we ended up getting rained on and having to find shelter in various little shops along the road.
it was quite the lovely day.

since the utah store opened up so close to his birthday,
i decided to take him there for a mini shopping spree so we could get him some bangin' clothes for saturday night.

the line was super long,
and i do not do well with crowds.
but we did spot miss katrina there with her little hazel,
which prompted us to dreamily gaze at all the baby clothes upstairs {okay, mostly me. but he was picking stuff out too!}...
and he did end up getting awesome clothes,
including a cardigan that may have given me butterflies when he tried it on.

it was sorta hard to get adam to focus on boy's clothes.
he kept pushing me over and saying "okay, now let's get something for you."; "look that dress would look so great on you, try it on."; "let's go to the girl clothes now."
funny guy.

one of our first talking points when i was first getting to know adam,
for some reason,
was sweeney todd.

i was really into musicals at that point,
and i must have mentioned that i was watching it when he texted me one night
because the next day i received a text from him
with my name inserted into song lyrics from the play.

i thought it was so cheesy and funny.
it's a sweet song 'n all... but whaaa?
i barely knew this clown and i had no idea if he was serious or not.
{to this day, i don't know. i should ask him about that.}
my sister and i had a good laugh about it,
and soon hannah became "hanthony" in my phone, and i was "joayley" in hers.

i really got lucky with timing for adam's birthday,
because midvale theatre had a production of sweeney todd running
and we attended closing night.
naturally, since she was in on the joke,
hannah came, too.

it was deeeeefffinitely local theater ;)

when we got home, the three of us watched crazystupidlove {and cried}.
i had to take him home early {which was 2 am for us} so he could be well rested for his birthday.
i hated having to drive him home!
i wanted to fall asleep while we laid on the floor in my basement just talking & joking,
but the next day was a big one.
sometimes we make sacrifices...

the big day!

{fyi, as soon as my brain switched into talk-about-adam's-actual-birthday mode, i suddenly wanted to type out the beginning to bad romance... the rah-rah-ah-ah-ah part. no idea why. there's nothing about a bad romance here. maybe it was the "ooh lala" part. so weird.}

i picked adam up
and the blindfold went on...
i took him to a little place we had all to ourselves,
where a little billie holiday was playing
and a homemade, candlelit dinner was waiting for us!
he was so surprised!
and, of course, we had to have lemon meringue pie,
which adam said he would eat for breakfast the next day.

we went home to more cake, online music hunting/discovering, the office, {rewinding this clip several times... so funny}, and a birthday massage.

i love this guy.
i tried opening my mouth several times during that dinner to tell him what i was thinking at that moment,
but words wouldn't come out.

here goes. in written form.


i love you so much!
you make me so happy.
you inspire me every day to be a better person.
you are the kindest, sweetest, most generous person i've ever met.
cliche ahead...
you light up my life.

i'm so glad that i got to spend your birthday with you.
i'm so glad that i get to see you {almost} every day.
i'm so lucky that you will never complain about when i'm gross or i don't shave my legs.
i know that reading that you wish i wouldn't have said the word gross in reference to me.
i love how kind you are to my family, even when they're not-so-nice to you.
i admire the way that you can walk up to anyone and strike up a conversation.
you never fail to amaze me with your kindness and love.
i love how embarrassed you got when you accidentally touched my sister's butt. it was funny.
i love your little giggle when we're watching youtube videos.
i loooove when you pick me up.
i love you even when i'm mad at you.
i just love you!

i really hope your birthday was awesome,
because i kinda think you are.


  1. Yo guys are so great. (I meant to write you but it came out yo so I just went with it.)

  2. ohh my you are the perfect girlfriend.
    you two are pretty much the greatest.

  3. you win best girlfriend award. what a wonderful birthday surprise. you are amazing miss ayley.

  4. those office clips are making me laugh so hard. and you are sooo darling for surprising your boy like that!

  5. well you probably win the award for best girlfriend ever. So cute.

  6. This has to be the 7th time I have read this, amazing. Youre such the cutest, smartest, talented and most beautiful thing I have ever come to know. Youre a wiz at making me look somewhat handsome in photographs not to mention the most nicest guy compared to our married friends Kelli and Jared.
    Ayley you are amazing and I am not just saying that. From the moment I met you you have pushed me to better and are a daily inspiration for me to be just as kind, patient, loving, outgoing and the list goes on and on.

    I love you Ayley Yasuko Johnson. ( nacho libre voice) X X O O x x O o X X o O.

  7. That pie looks incredibleeee! YUMM!

    Janette, the Jongleur

    PS. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

  8. you are the best girlfriend ever.
    adam won the jackpot with you.
    then i read how he won't like reading you using "gross" when referring to yourself.
    you won the jackpot with him.
    i love your love.
    like really, so much.


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