Monday, November 14, 2011

holstee manifesto: life is short!

have you seen this??
i'm in love.

i started writing this sentence today:

"i can't believe i'm alive!"

only to crumple up the little doodle of words on the piece of paper {accidentally... kind of}.
it's a silly sentence. 


this beautiful world!!!!!
this life, this wondrous life! 

hindsight is so clear. 
i have so many coulda/woulda/shoulda moments i can look back on
and correct, saying,
"why didn't you do this, ayley? why didn't you live the length&width of that experience?". 

now here we are. 
in our lives. 
our LIVES!
our living, moving, breathing, seeing, exploring, happy lives!

and we get the chance to use every day, every moment, every breath of air we are blessed to inhale
to do something. 
anything in this playground of a world. 

look at all the people around you who have LIVES! 
you're living right now!
you are alive.
your body is warm and moving. your soul is hungry. your eyes are wide and your heart is open.

take a moment to just feel every sign 
that you are living.

we have the opportunity to use our whole life with the thought that, at the end of it, we will be asked and ask ourselves,
"what did you do?"
what did you do with your perfect arms and legs?
with your full heart and open mind?
where did you put all of your love?
who did you find along your way?
what did you create? destroy?
what caused you to laugh?
what beautiful movements did you make? 
who did you touch?

we know this.
we know this will happen.
we will die. 
we will leave this amazing world and move on to other things. 
we WILL be asked,
"what did you do?" "who were you?"

we can keep this in mind and use each beat of our heart, each tick of the clock, each step
to do something wonderful. 
to change lives!
to live!
live while we still can!

i love what was said about this video:

"The Holstee Manifesto is a call to action to live a life full of intention, creativity, passion, and community"

a life full of intention!

please, please...
just watch this video.
then get the hellokitty off the computer and go and LIVE!

and in case anyone who loves me is reading this...
i want this for my wall.


  1. you speak the language of my soul. amazing video.

  2. i don't think this was supposed to make me cry, but it did. life is beautiful and it's here and now. and it's ours for the taking. "playground of a world" is the perfect way to describe earth. i love this. i love it, i do.


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