Wednesday, July 13, 2011

haircut on the porch

adam is leaving for st. louis for his uncle's wedding tomorrow.

it's obvious he needed a haircut,
but he was stressing out about what his family thinks of his hair.

i mean STRESSING out about what his uncle and his mom would say.

being a poor black man in a new city,
we decided to cut his hair ourselves.

well myself,
adam didn't really do much but sit there.

get ready for some low-quality photos.
{i cannot seem to find my charger for my slr, so i had to use my old point and shoot.}

here's what i had to work with:

i should mention that adam's hair used to be an awesome afro, but one night we got spontaneous and crazy and wanted to see what his hair would look like relaxed. you can't undo that. poor guy.

here he is after snip snip:
i was going for a kind-of cleaner, updated frederick douglass.
yes, he has a side part
and it's great. 

i still have NO idea if he likes it because of this face he kept making:

between trying to reassure me that he liked it,
he still got stressed about what his family will say.
based on the way he's been talking about them
now i'm all stressed too
because it's all on the interwebz that I am the one that cut his hair.
bring on da h8.

i think it looks dorkyawesome.
and i totally felt like a farmer's wife giving the guy a haircut on a warm summer night on the porch.

and now i leave you with a picture of a hairball.


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